Clear Ridge

It is rare to find so much flat space in the hills of Big Sur. The site is a rolling meadow perched above a famous beach. Our concept was that the structure was part of and grew out of the meadow. A heavy stone plinth anchors the home to the site – while vast sunny rooms float above. The sensuous curves of the floor plans flow from outside to inside and back outside. The meadow swirls up onto the second floor, then to the roof and back down as if Joan Miro painted the floor plan. Land Art inspired by Michael Heyser and Richard Serra inform the Car Court, Garage and Entry.

The concept for the architectural design is first and foremost “of the Earth”. California – the meeting of California and the Pacific, the Site – and specifically the Meadow. The stone plinth rests on the meadow to form a landing for the Main Floor. The tableau arises sinuously out of and slides back into the native grass.

Total Floor Area: 7,973 SF

– Natural Ventilation
Water – Glass, Pool and Water Features
Fire – Charred Wood, Firepits and Fireplaces
The Sun – Active and Passive Solar Power
The Moon and Stars, The Milky Way – Virtual Planetarium
The Cardinal and Ordinal Points – Sundial and Compass
Earth and Organic – Sine wave shaped stone walls curving in both vertical and horizontal planes



Principal Architect: Robert Carver, AIA, LEED AP


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