STUDIO CARVER ARCHITECTS | Contractor hired to landscape restrooms

Contractor hired to landscape restrooms

Carmel Beach Restrooms
March 6, 2015
Carmel Pine Cone
by Mary Schley
“GREENSCAPE CALIFORNIA will receive $5,501.15 to landscape the public bathrooms that opened at Scenic and Santa Lucia in December 2014 after more than a decade of planning. City administrator Doug Schmitz said he signed the contract with the company last month.
The landscape plan, which was approved by the Carmel Planning Commission at its Dec. 10, 2014, meeting, calls for mostly lowlying plants that won’t obstruct the ocean views from nearby residences. Planners worked closely with homeowners to ensure they had plenty of opportunity to provide input regarding the plan, the commission was told.
“The landscaping consists of native drought-tolerant plants that will grow to a low height and will not block ocean views,” senior planner Marc Wiener said in his report for the commission. “The proposed landscaping is also consistent with the existing landscaping along the Scenic pathway.”
Jan Reimers, then chair of the commission, mentioned an email supporting the landscaping plan and the restroom project. “We received an email from a neighbor close by who feels the restrooms are really quite lovely and fit exactly what the community wants to have,” she said.
Designed by Carmel architect Rob Carver, the restrooms also recently received an Award of Merit from the American Public Works Association.

View The Carmel Pine Cone, Volume 101, No. 10 by going to the link below.

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